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Question Joystick Under-sensitive.

Hello everyone!

I recently bought both a genuine Nintendo 64 controller and an adapter to use it on my PC. I was very excited to finally get to play some N64 games with the proper controller.

However something is wrong. All the buttons work fine, they are responsive with no delay and it's all nice. But the Analog stick is almost useless. It's just not sensitive enough and with it like this I can't move at full speed and can't enjoy the games.

There is nothing wrong with the controller, I know that. As I (shock and horror) downloaded some other emulators to see if it did the same with them. It did not. (obviously none of these other emulators were as good as PJ64 except in that one regard so I couldn't switch over to them)

As you will be able to see in the video I have provided I have the deadzone all the way down to 0 and the range is all the way up to 100. Keep in mind when you watch this video that I am pushing the analog stick all the way when I move.
Just assemble the link to view the video: www . you watch?v=a7PRuzQrBPo

(it would not let me post links as I am a new user)
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