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Originally Posted by shinra358 View Post
Are you sure you are on aspect = adjust on gliden64?
Yes I am on aspect = adjust on gliden64.

gonetz say in his last comment that he need to solve reported issues or revert the optimizations. The issues are in 2DFix6-1 and 2DFix6-2. Probably he will revert to GLideN64_2DFix5, then you are right.

Post #5 updated with new instructions and new code.

Could you help me to test the next code and tell me the color of Link clothes in the following places with child Link?

GameShark Code Link's Tunic Colors
D11C8704 0020
801DAD2C 00E1
D11C8704 0021
801DAD2C 0003
D11C8704 0034
801DAD2C 0070
D11C8704 0043
801DAD2C 00E0
D11C8704 0051
801DAD2C 0005
D11C8704 0060
801DAD2C 00AF

In this places:
Hyrule Market Day Time
Hyrule Market Night Time
Link's House
Temple of Time
Hyrule Field
Death Mountain Trail
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