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Originally Posted by retroben View Post
I can't even test other walk speeds for lack of a controller.
Use N-Rage modifiers to simulate analog movement, lets say you want to walk in Mario 64, add a modifier, then put: under "Assigned to" your key of preference (mine is left-shift), "Type" Move and "Parameter" X:15%/Y15%

This game is totally playable with FPS toggles, you just need to toggle 20FPS before you crawl and toggle 30FPS after you are done, that's why I asked how to hex edit the rom. Because its only possible when you are on 20FPS mode but in this mode the game keeps automatically switching to 20FPS every time you change a zone. By making 30FPS mode the default I wont have to re-enable 30FPS every time I change a zone and just switch to 20FPS when I had the necessity.

Oh, one more thing, how can I map a cheat to the D-Pad keys in OoT or it is not possible?

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