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Congradulations man, but like technosux says below, its been 2 YEARS since an new version came out, being "engaged" isnt that much news, but marriage is, do tell us if he gets married , & as a PAID MEMBER of this site, its very dissapointing to see that theres no new version since YEARS & YEARS. If you lack dev's to help with the project.. trust me im sure theres alot of people who want to take over the project.

Originally Posted by technosux View Post
Great ! Now could have a bit more news concerning pj64 itself ?
Because since the last post "where should saves go ?",
it looked like a joke. Could we expect a "stable" release of 1.7 version, or a public release ? Because frankly that's all matters to me. The author could marry, have children, win the lotto, or whatever, I do not visit this website to get news about author life.