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Default Self Contained Folders

Hi there,

I felt the urge to sign up on this site and add my concerns. As a long time user of Project64, I am confident that you will make an informed decision and one that will be for the greater good of your product. All the same, I believe--as a user and not a developer by any means--that having the entirety of an emulator contained in one folder which may be managed directly by the user is a great system. While I know this can create problems as you outlined in your post, I have never had the need for multiple users to access my emulators. I am the only one using the computer which my emulators are on and I find no reason to have saves stored anywhere other than within a user defined folder which can be kept within the Project64 folder.

These are just the two cents from a long time and appreciative user. I hope they help,

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