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I think there's going to have to be an option near the beginning of the install wizard to keep everyone happy:

1) "Multi-user install" (make this the default, at least on Vista and XP?). must be running installer as admin (if not admin, grey this option out and explain this). where exactly different files go i'll come to later, but no user config or saves are written to appdir (explain this also). start menu and desktop shortcuts, if selected, are added for all users on the system.

2) "Portable install" - do not need to be running the installer as admin (if not admin, this is the only option available). all files are written to appdir, so full permissions are required for use (explain this). start menu and desktop shortcuts, if selected, are added for current user only.

that about covers it? there is no 3rd option needed i think?
i'm just wondering what the default path should be for a portable install? for multiuser install its obviously %programfiles%.

edit: i realise the topic says Saves but really we have to consider all files i think..
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