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Originally Posted by Zera View Post
On games such as Mystical Ninja, his plugin is the only one that gives consistent audio. Azimer's works extremely well on games that have FAT enabled by default, such as TWINE (no more garbled speech!) and Rush 2049 (the plugin was designed to work with that setting on, IIRC). Unfortunately, most games don't like this setting, otherwise I'd use Azimer's for everything (best quality I've seen so far).
Azimer's 0.56 works pretty good for certain games that don't work good on other plugins. From my brief testing, it seems Azimer's 0.56 is the best plugin for Goldeneye, but haven't really tested shunyuan's for that game.

I just tested Mystical Ninja. You're right about Shun's plugin. Still not perfect though. If audio plugins were more customizable, there would be far less audio issues. But I hear too many complaints from end users about not wanting to config that stuff rofl. It's a shame really.
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