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There's no debate that GLideN64 is the most accurate HLE video plugin. It's unnecessary to try and explain all the ways in which GLideN64 is more accurate. If accuracy was the #1 criteria, I'm sure Angrylion's would be the default.

The problem with GLideN64 is that it requires relatively new hardware and has worse performance. Glide64 is more optimized overall. FB read performance will not be an issue if per-game FB notification is implemented.

What should be addressed are the flaws, not what it excels at. Being good at one thing doesn't necessarily make up for flaws. Which criteria is important, varies from person to person. I hardly see the suggestion "well go fix these problems yourself", as a real solution.

Originally Posted by theboy181 View Post
Posting about other emulators being superior with alternate accounts to mislead people is just cringy. Be the change, you want, and make an effort to help out.
It's a shame some folks resort to plain false advertising to get others to use a different emulator. I wish these people kept their invalid opinions to themselves, instead of spreading FUD. PJ64 isn't even my main N64 emulator, but I still acknowledge it as the objectively best overall N64 emulator.
Originally Posted by theboy181 View Post
however PJ's design is in the interest of just having an out of the box experience for any PJ's end user who doesn't meet the strict HW requirements for some plugins.
That's one of the reasons I support PJ64. I like what zilmar stands for. Much respect for that.
Originally Posted by theboy181 View Post
If I could have it my way the emulator would include Angrylion's RDP and LLE on by default. I'm sure that we all agree that if ALRDP performed on more than a handful of computers out there that this would be the best plugin to use as default.
Exactly. I would do the same.
Originally Posted by theboy181 View Post
Zilmar's plan to invest time on GFX should be embraced, not ridiculed.
This is so important! Graphics is the biggest issue with N64 emulation. No question. Either performance is lacking or accuracy and you have to pick your poison.

I can definitely relate to getting ridiculed / hate for trying to do something good. It sucks, but I just have to move on and go my own way. Gotta stay positive and keep movin forward!
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