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Can we talk about how mupen64plus barely has any updates to its emulation core? bsmiles32 is like the only person who knows N64 tech.

And honestly no, I still think it's worse than Project64, even 2.3. And I'm not a liar, how about you say something more meaningful than saying those people are liars?

While I can admit my lack of knowledge with 3D graphics emulation, something pains me more: why can't you take a powerful plugin like GLideN64 or even angrylion and try to add some kind of accuracy VS performance kind of thing like PCSX2? Like deliberately add hacks upon the user's choice. Via presets, for old PCs and alike.

Why isn't this talked about? Is this not viable or is this something no one has even thought about?

Originally Posted by theboy181 View Post
How about releasing that optimized angrylion plugin that only like 2 people has?
And no shitty code is a extremely shit reason to not release something anymore.

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