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Default 1:1 Video support?

It'd be nice to see the emulator allow for regular screen size emulation display. Or it could be nice to adjust the screen size to each game as already allowed, but with easier adjustment. (of course we'd need to know the exact resolution the pirticular game was designed for, as I have noticed a few games not using a standard - resolution) I've played several games using NTSC 320x240 (the assumed low-res screen display for most ntsc games, pal could be different...) and the text is almost always distorted, and not displayed properly. I'd like to see a crisp clean display, more/less.

I'm not sure what gives on this part, but it just doesn't appear to be proper.. At any rate, school me if I'm mistaken any, this is just my observations. Maybe there is a way to determine what resolution the game at hand utilizes.

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