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Here is a snap. Notice how the text is distorted. This is 320x240 window (pj4 1.6). Also, this font looks to be a low resolution font so it should fit right. I'm not concerned with the black borders, as long as the display is proper. I know it's something to overlook, but it's just something I wondered about. I just wonder what causes this.

Here is Mario 64 in a 320x240 window with the rom settings set to 640x480. I'm still not certain how this function works considering the image decreased in size rather than increased. I kinda got the idea. It seems the lower the size I input,the larger the image gets scaled. It's weird. I don't quite understand...

So, what may be the problem? It seems to be an aspect correction problem I guess with my monitor or gfx card.

Is there any way currently to center 320x240 games (for instance) in the middle of a full screen resolution such as 640x480 in their native (1x) 1:1 resolution display? That was one of the things I wanted to add originally.

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