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Thanks Smiff. I think I may have gotten the hang of setting the game width and heigth to be more precise if required. I like games with reading, RPG's etc, or adventure games with reading and the distorted text bugs me sometimes. I haven't tested 1.7xx yet as I have not donated yet for the cause. I must see what cash i have left after bills and all.

I enjoy this emulator and would definitely want to see a new better version of it. I have an out of date PC and am currently saving to build a new modern one, one that would due pj64 more justise. I have a fairly old gfx card and all, and don't think it renderes the n64's gfx hardware properly. Some games text like Quest 64 shows up pink and doesn't look right.

I'm hoping that the hres texture load/save function gets working cause' I'd like to do some hi res textures for Quest 64. The game already has some of the coolest looking, and cleanest textures even as it is. Some of the scenery looks very beautiful.
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