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Yeah everyone complains about C being too hard or painful or w/e, but to me, at makes at least as much sense as anything else.

About compiling Project64: zilmar does a lot of non-ANSI-strict compliant things sometimes, so compilers may gave very many warnings at times (it may even amount to errors in the absence of strict compiler/IDE settings like in a Visual Studio makefile of sorts).

Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
Lol I've never even heard of GLFW, but after reading about it today, I think I will use that if I decide to do OpenGL. GLFW seems to be better suited for what I want, compared to SDL. If I were to do OpenGL and GLFW, I should use Open AL for sound right?
I personally would go with OpenAL.
I'm not sure if there are other portable solutions besides SDL. (OpenSL/ES or w/e is something else Khronos did.)
waveOut is probably more portable than DirectX is but is still specific to Microsoft Windows (and besides lacks many audio enhancements of the extra Windows-specific DirectX audio stuff). A similar principle can be applied to the use of the Windows GDI (gdi32) for software rendering instead of DirectDraw, but for any basic/demonstration plugin I'd probably still do GDI anyway since it'd work on more computers than zilmar's basic cfb would.

You could still use SDL for input if you wanted.
Unlike audio and video, SDL doesn't use indirection or just targeting some sub-API to do the work for it, when it comes to joystick/controller, as SDL and GLFW are [some of?] the only cross-platform options when it comes to joystick anyway. I'm tied on which one to use though...GLFW is probably much more backwards compatible and organized than SDL, but SDL has so many convenient little functions written for you to take care of special subsystem things that it replaces having to depend upon too many additional dependencies. (I hate that they renamed the updated DLL from "SDL.DLL" to "SDL2.DLL" tho...that really is not backward-compatible.)

Either way, we have one SDL plugin anyway and that's blight's input originally written for Linux. We do lack a GLFW input plugin, so you'd be the first!
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