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Originally Posted by jason98684 View Post
Congradulations man, but like technosux says below, its been 2 YEARS since an new version came out, being "engaged" isnt that much news, but marriage is, do tell us if he gets married , & as a PAID MEMBER of this site, its very dissapointing to see that theres no new version since YEARS & YEARS. If you lack dev's to help with the project.. trust me im sure theres alot of people who want to take over the project.
Congratulations Jabo!!! I'm new to the forums but kinda old to the emulator. I have been using it since 2007. Hey ummm, Jason, did you know that Jabo was working on uhh Jnes. In my opinion, Project 64 is the best N64 emulator out there. I don't think there is too much more that they can improve on PJ 64. GL Jabo on the marriage and on the emulator!!!