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Unhappy WCW vs NWO small issue

I'm able to play the game flawlessly with my razer keyboard.

HOWEVER, when I try and set the game up with my Xbox360 controller, the game detects input, (I can tell that it detects my "A" button for sure, because the cut-scene skips as soon as I tap it) but after I skip the cut-scene, the game tells me to "Press start".

If I hit Enter on my keyboard, I'm sent into the main menu with no hitch whatsoever. But if I press start (which I have bound to "start" and "back" on my xbox 360 controller), then nothing happens.

It seems like the only buttons not detected are the start buttons.

I've gone into my control panel and made sure that my game input is working correctly.

Anyone know if this is an issue with the controller? Or if it's something completely different?

Thanks for any help in advance
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