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Hello and thanks for taking the time to reply.

I've taken a look at the Elite controller and you're right about it being a lot of money! 120 and then I'd need to spend another 20 on Microsoft's wireless adapter. For now that's too much for me to spend on a gamble, but if my alternative cheaper gamble works out then I may look to get one in the future. From what I can see though there's still no way of rotating the left thumbstick's axis, only the sensitivity can be adjusted, plus the thumbstick itself is interchangeable with a few different shaped heads which is a good idea.

I am however going to pick up a standard Xbox One controller later today (my alternative cheaper gamble). For 50 I can get a wireless controller with a wireless adapter included in the box. I'm hoping that by moving my left thumb naturally left and right (as you would on an N64 controller), it will be close enough to the Xbox One controller's true left/right axis to detect power slides and not detract from the gameplay.

And thanks for letting me know about the supporter thing, I wondered if I hadn't done something correctly.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get some time later in the week to install Project64/Mario Kart 64 (as I've just built a new PC), and once I've got everything up and running I'll update this thread with my findings on the controller.

Thanks again for your help

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