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Its totally playable, I haven't come to a gamestopping bug and I am at the water temple, its just annoying that the game keeps resseting the FPS to the default 20 (so that is why I need to hex edit the rom to make the 30FPS code permanent) , also I don't play on 60FPS (that is broken beyond fixing) but on 30FPS mode. The key is the following: If you find a bug, like retroben found the deku scrub's shots explode, just change to 20FPS mode before that part with a toggle (that's why I need to map cheats to the D-pad arrows and not use a key that the game is using) then after you pass that part you resume to 30FPS mode. Believe me its totally worthy, you can experience at last a fluid gameplay in OoT.

The deku sticks DOES burn fast, but it doesn't prevent you from finishing a particularly puzzle SINCE you can move faster too, so the game logic is at the same speed too, you only need to react more quickly...

The only thing that I found was in need of a code was the cycle between day and night, hopefully I found a timespeed modifier...

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