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Ermmm... Widescreen anyone? Here is one for Mario Kart 64 for all modes:

Cheat0=D00DC533 0000,81150148 3FDF,D00DC533 0001,81150148 4060,D00DC533 0003,81150148 3FDF,D00DC533 0004,81150148 3FDF

I tested your no lagfix and CF=1 with my compiled Glide64 plugin and Mario Kart 64 runs beautifully smooth. I haven't experience the 25 FPS that theboy181 is mentioning...

For even a better experience, has anyone tried running this game with the Glide64 variable clip_zmax = 0? It allows to disable the far plane culling which for this particular game works wonders...Just run a test lap on Rainbow Road...
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