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Default L to Levitate

Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
If your theory was accurate, then yes, it's guaranteed by definition to work.

That is, if you're correct about self-modifying code being the cause. Self-modifying code invalidates the instruction cache on the x86 server's side when any recompiler is used. An interpreter does not have an x86 server but only the MIPS client and does not have to synchronize anything if code space were overwritten, so the problem of self-modifying code becomes irrelevant which means an interpreter core should invalidate any issues caused by cheat codes being corrupted by self-modifying code.
Originally Posted by theboy181 View Post
lets see if the code and save states get posted. I would like to look into it, as its defiantly interesting topic. However, I do jump to "theory crafting" quickly when talking with first time posters..
Hello HatCat and theboy181
Thank you for your help! Here are the save states with the game I have with the cheat of levitation working and the other not working. In the .txt file I described.

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