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It just hangs on every selfmod code on 2.X versions, yep, don't know if this is only on my end but 1.6.1 don't have this problem. Run this game on a 2.X version, after the intro song plays the game hangs on a black screen after the title logo...

HatCat's RSP just happens to perform better than the default PJ RSP on the games I tested so I just stick to it if there is no problems, you can however try PJ's RSP if you see or need any speed improvements...

While it's true that Shunyuan's is better than Azimer's for this particular game, i still got crackling with Shun's. Easiest way to get good audio for the game is to tweak Azimer's DS8 source a tiny bit.
Do you get better audio overall with your tweaked plugin or just this game? Can you please upload it so I can test it?

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