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Originally Posted by Marcelo_20xx View Post
Just be happy this game is emulated.
I can already tell I am not going to be helped at all here...also, doing (...) jobs at emulating does not mean you can be cocky about it. Last I checked, Ghost Toys Castle is the most common castle where the game abruptly stops after a code is unable to be loaded after you go through several rooms in that castle.

And if, in the span of eight years, you still tell people "just be happy" then I can definitely see this game not making any further progress in the emulation effort anytime soon.

Just someone giving me a link to an emulation rig that can run this game properly would be one of the best gifts I could ever get, as nobody seems to have any real helpful information regarding the game.

Originally Posted by Marcelo_20xx View Post
I personally only use N-Rage v2 2.3c with the Memory Pak selected as addon, I dont miss the rumble feature of the N64 since it was just a gimmick (my opinion, others may differ)...
Don't you think there is a way to just add another tab in N-Rage where you can just go through two pull-down menus and just have both the Memory Pak and Rumble Pak on? That seriously does not sound hard to me at all. Heck, why is the Memory Pak selectable in controller plugins, anyway?

Unless you can insert your own and save off that to be able to use in an actual Nintendo 64, that should just be a default setting in general, rather than requiring it to be in the controller plugin. That way, we really can have other peripherals and a Memory Pak at the same time.

Originally Posted by Marcelo_20xx View Post
N-rage input plugin is highly configurable, it has everything I need for playing, some people reported their analog or the C buttons doesn't get properly mapped but as I told you I only use the Keyboard ...
Yeah, well, do the world an actual favor and help those that want to use controllers instead of shoving keyboards down their throats. Not everyone wants to play with keyboards and, well, all of you need to accept that. Even most of the moderators on here just say the same thing and it bugs the hell out of me.

I partially apologize for the rude behavior, but my patience is about as thin as it will be by this point. It is even worse that the help gets more and more negative as the years go on. Surely, emulating one game is not that hard.

I see people on YouTube play it at full speed all of the time, but of course, they are abandoned accounts and either that video of them playing was their last or it was during a time range where they actually uploaded videos and responded to people. So, the only ones that did the task are not around anymore, basically.

Originally Posted by Marcelo_20xx View Post
PJ 1.6.1 can be obtained from the Jabo's blog and as far as I know it doesn't come with the adware there or does it? I don't remember...
It does.