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Default OCarina of Time 1 Heart Maximum

I'm about to start an OOT challenge run where I only have one heart. Thought I could at least find somewhere online that would show me how to set a max of one heart but to no avail. So I dug into the Max Hearts cheat code and continued to reduce it until it only showed one heart. Great I thought. Nope, 2 things:

1: once you die you're set back to 3 hearts but the other 2 are not shown (plus you are able to get hearts from the world that put you over 1 heart),
2: The low-health sound is always present.

So, I'm requesting two cheats please, one that will actually set my max heart count to 1 and set it to one even after death and another one to remove the low health sound always.


Also, here is the code that I've changed the "max heart cheat" to:
E9650302 5970

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