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Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
To get better performance, you can use Project64's RSP + Azimer's HLE (since Body Harvest uses more power for audio than most games). So set audio to HLE. I think this game's 30 fps, so you can get away with setting an option called "Refresh" to 1, with Hatcat's fork of Angrylion's.

Other than that, you can try tweaking PJ64's recompiler settings to get a little more performance. I disabled "use TLB" and "Start Changed". It seems to work fine, but will need to do more testing.

Once I get bored of FB emulation, I'll consider starting a new fork. It would be faster .
Thanks for the suggestions man. I thought that whenever you chose an HLE plugin you didn't have to check "Audio HLE" on the plugin settings.

Anyway, i did this and disabled DAC filters as well. Seems to be running full speed now 99% of the time. I had sound problems with the US version of the rom (crackling and glitching) but with the PAL rom it sounds almost perfect.
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