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Last time I tried mxe daily, maybe like 1-2 months ago, a bunch of plugins didn't even work . Like Rice and Glide64. I could only pick plugins like z64gl and Glidemk2 (no thnx ).

Interesting that you mention 64bit. That kind of makes me want to do some 64bit programming, but I have too many things I want to do atm.

About that performance regression, it must bad compiler settings or something. I compiled HatCat's plugin with intel (SSSE3) and the performance was better than previous versions. SSSE3 still had a slight improvement over SSE2.

Rofl I wish m64p displayed the VI/s so I could see how the core speed compares with PJ64's. Maybe I'll check go download mupen64plus-mxe-daily again and see what's up. I'm glad M64p had performance improvements . Always good to hear!
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