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Originally Posted by V1del View Post
It up to date with what you have in master right now, I'd have to go and compare myself to check if there is indeed such a big regression, it could also be that the build environment of the daily builds is rather old and therefore fails some optimisations or something might be worth looking into, a bit busy right now so I might not get to it until holidays start (which is 2 weeks from now)

EDIT: Went ahead and played some rogue squadron SSSE3 does indeed seem a bit slower (although not to the degrees mentioned by Ambient on my machine) running both on linux compiled with gcc 4.9.2
Naboo/Infernal Machine seem worse affected, especially when it comes to rendering particle effects, which are RSP-based.

During the intro for Infernal Machine, the new SSSE3 drops to 24-30Hz on my Core Quad @ 3.2Ghz. The new SSE2 runs at a steady 49-50Hz. (Rom is PAL.) The old SSSE3 from m64py dips to 40Hz at spots during this intro.
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