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Actually Intel is integrated into MSVC. Same with Clang. If GCC was integrated into MSVC, I'd probably use that more too .

I just tried MSVC, it couldn't even compile SSSE3 ;/ .

Error 66 error C2284: '_mm_shuffle_epi8': illegal argument to intrinsic function, parameter 1

it was refering to
vd = _mm_shuffle_epi8(vd, key);

MSVC is too slow ;/ . I'm actually surprised how bad it was. You'd probably have to do more than just altering the vector instructions, to even catch up with build #6, for MSVC.

I'm almost 100% certain it's some compiler issue. Wouldn't make sense why my Intel build would be faster, when HatCat optimized his code for GCC. + HatCat said it was faster for him too .
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