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Question Game will not display video

The game I'm referring to is chameleon twist 2, which I have never been able to get to work properly. The ROM, when started, is just a black screen. Once every 5-7 seconds it will flash with an image saying something about my controller pack. I read other posts about how the game won't start unless you mess with the Controller Pak settings, which I did. Now the game runs, however the issue still remains. Audio works fine, but I only get one frame of video every 5 ish seconds with a black screen in between. It's there for an instant, and even when the screen is black i still hear the game running perfectly. I am using version 2.2 with my keyboard. When I try to get a different version of the ROM, it will not even flash an image and still present me with the black screen. I never was sure if the audio worked on the other ROM.
Any help is appreciated!
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