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Default Config 2 option for all buttons

Currently the analog stick mapping has an option for a secondary configuration. I was wondering if adding a secondary configuration option for all the buttons (c-buttons, A, B, D-pad, etc) would be a realistic suggestion.

Or maybe instead of that, in the Modifiers tab, under the configuration mod type, add in the ability to change the key binding/mapping of a certain button/stick.

For example, I have the mod button assigned to the R-button and want the key mapping for the analog stick and c-buttons to be swapped whenever the mod is active.

I thought of this while playing Conker's bad fur day with some friends and we all agreed that the controls were wonky and outdated. The game uses the analog stick for movement AND aiming, but if the analog stick and c-buttons were swapped while holding R (aiming) then suddenly the controls become modernized and less frustrating. (The c-buttons would take the place of the right analog sticks on modern controllers in modern shooter games)

Also, I currently have the movement mod active while the R-button is held and it inverts the Y-axis. This works wonders for CBFD since the aiming is normally inverted for no good reason. Good job on that, it's GREAT!
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