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Default Configuring P64 for accuracy?

I was wondering what the recommended plugins and settings are if you want the most pixel accurate setup possible.

I have been messing around with a lot of n64 emulators, and I have a wish list of features that I am trying to get working in all of my games

Native resolution (320x240 most of the time).
SGI AA effects (the full screen blur you see on real n64 hardware).
Native framerate
LLE Graphics, RSP, and audio support (not always the best, but I want the option).
Software framebuffer effects

and in general more features that make the game look and run worse, but bring it close to the real hardware .

Jabos and glide64 have some of those features. I can't figure out how to render anything in native resolution and the LLE RSP plugin in version 2.3 has a lot of compatibility issues. I am having a really hard time tracking down up to date information and builds of other p64 compatible plugins, like z64 or angylion RSP. Some suggestions and links would be awesome.
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