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XD Good job ruining beer, that stuff is terrible anyway.

Not like I've tried it. It's just plain terrible. Terrible like twilight.

Beer: the twilight of the drink world.

XD I was at my guy's group last wednesday, our leader (it's kinda like Boy Scouts, but it's something else) was talking about how "since "we're "older we're gonna be thinking of girls" and of course all of us groaned and whatnot, with the exception of one friend who was on another kid's phone trying to add his number. Anyway, this is what happens.

"Since you're older you guys are gonna be thinking of girls, don't say you won't because you will. So, sometimes we'll have discussions about that."

Friend putting his number into another kid's phone: "Yep, we will" (I forgot to mention that there was another group with us at the moment, one for younger kids, but who are gonna be moving into our group at the end of the year anyway) "we're gonna talk about guy stuff, such as how to take care of girls" Then (to the kid whose phone he has) where's your period?"

He says is it all in one breath, so it sounds like he's still talking to us. Our leader starts cracking up, I've got a facepalm, and the younger kids are just sitting there like "what."


It took him a few moments until he realized what he said, but in the end he was so red XD
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