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Ah yes! i forgot about the built-in debugger :P lelz But that info you gave me is very useful (Are they really boolean bits? O_O oh man, I just complicated myself! xP) So I'll start checking all those bytes inside the Flash save data, but already using the normal (U) rom, I just got tired of the debug rom, after checking over and over the heart pieces and any changes in the byte data using this rom just gives me headaches. I'll take your advice using the Pj64 debug and the U rom.

You're right, it would be a lot simpler if the storage and progress data in the debug rom would be like "neatly associated" with their respective identifiers, (they look like a lot of weird hex? data and 0-1 operators, none of them that tell which one you've already got, just telling how many you have, up to where I checked) but as I told you, I think that using the debug rom just turned this more complicated . Anyways I'll start out checking all of this as soon as I can, any interesting discovering or result I'll make sure to be posted here. So thanks a lot FatCat! Cheers!