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Default Tricky unexpected behavior

HatCat, AIO, and I have been trying to pin down the cause of some issues I've been having with builds since the 2.1 release (haven't exactly tracked down which commit caused it). Here's what's going on:

Playing Zelda OoT will spawn CN64System:RunRSP - Unknown memory action errors. They happen at various times, but they're not random. They're setting dependent.

This is when I can expect the errors:

Now the extra tricky part is that this seems to be computer dependent. I gave my compiled version of pj64 to both HatCat and AIO and they were unable to reproduce my errors. I've tested on two Windows 8.1 machines with Ivy Bridge/Haswell CPUs. The Ivy Bridge also uses a discrete Nvidia GPU. I compiled using Visual Studio 2013 and the VS2013 makefile (on each machine). Any idea what it might be?

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