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Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
Wouldn't that mean you get the error with other LLE graphics plugins, e.g. Jabo's D3D8 LLE with my rsp?
Well, all variants of Angrylion's plugin can't run Super Smash Bros with Protect Memory enabled, yet other LLE plugins can.
Originally Posted by tony971 View Post
Now the extra tricky part is that this seems to be computer dependent. I gave my compiled version of pj64 to both HatCat and AIO and they were unable to reproduce my errors. I've tested on two Windows 8.1 machines with Ivy Bridge/Haswell CPUs. The Ivy Bridge also uses a discrete Nvidia GPU. I compiled using Visual Studio 2013 and the VS2013 makefile (on each machine). Any idea what it might be?
Certainly I know that it's a CPU recompiler issue with Protect Memory. The message is supposed to show for everyone, but for some unknown reason, it doesn't.
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