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Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
Must be that they're not fully buffering the RDP command FIFO data then.

After all, the more you HLE something, the less dependencies it has on other components of the emulator being done properly.
Hmm, I might try debugging Super Smash Bros, to see where it crashes, with Angrylion's plugin.
Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
Could it by any chance be related at all to the fact that zilmar thinks error messages and failures are only important information to testers who Enable Debugger as a run-time option in the binary?
I don't think so, because I always have Enable Debugger on. I highly doubt zilmar would prefer it being hidden (unless he knew all along and couldn't be bothered to fix it ). He could have done a better job hiding it, if that was honestly his intention. Since hardware seems to be a factor, I doubt it's intentional. Also, tony already sent us his folder, so that eliminates the possibility of it being related to settings. I just think PJ64's error detection code is faulty. It reminds me of instances where DisplayError didn't work ;/ .

The key issue is that RDRAM access during SP_DMA is blocked (due to Protect Memory), when it's not supposed to be blocked.

If you want to always be aware of the problem, just put the SP_DMA_WRITE function inside of
    //SP_DMA_WRITE goes here
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