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Default Screen Tearing Issue and Some Newbie Questions

I'm new to Project64 (version and N64 emulation in general. I have some newbie questions:

1. I'm having an issue with screen tearing in the Glide64 for PJ64: plugin. I'm getting a line across the middle of the screen. I have vertical sync checked in the settings, but it doesn't seem to help. From what I can tell it only occurs in fullscreen. It also does not occur in the Jabo's Direct3D8 plugin.

2. In Goldeneye using Glide64, some textures repeatedly switch between normal and low resolution. It doesn’t happen in the Jabo's plugin.

3. I noticed there are settings for each game. Are these set automatically for the best performance or is it necessary to change them to get games working properly? If they have to be changed, is there a resource detailing the best settings and plugin for each game?

4. Are the plugins that come with Project64 enough or are there others I should download?

Any help is appreciated. I tried looking at the help section on the website but it was empty.
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