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Originally Posted by Kallirosd View Post
If you mean Plug Ins in the emulator, then No, since I just downloaded the main thing (At the binaries section).

And yes, it was always like that - at least with that ROM. The last time I had PJ64 1.6 in my computer (some 6 months ago, then I had to change the computer and just got the PJ64 again), it also happened like that, but now it seems like I need to save more often.

Strange indeed! I think maybe by saving the emulator performs some sort of "refresh"...?
Hm... possibly . Sadly, I know little about such things. All I know is that mine has never done that... Sorry, I guess i'm of no help to you then. The only thing I can suggest is a reinstallation, or to get a new version of the rom, though I doubt either will cure it