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Angry XBox 360 Controller not rumbling

Hello, I have been using Project64 for awhile. It's fun to play N64 games but there is something missing. I can't seem to get rumble to work properly on my Xbox 360 Controller. The Controller is wired, and I got XInput working and my controller rumble works with all my other emulators that support rumble, besides Project64. I use N-Rage Input Plugin V2 1.80a. I would use the new version but every time I save it stops responding and everything I configured gets lost. Though it does seem it noticed my controller rumble, because when configuring, I can see in the rumble box the option for Constant or Ramp, and to change the rumble strength, but it does not rumble. Sorry if this is a big block of text.
I am using the most recent Project64. If it's any help I am running Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit.
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