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Originally Posted by squall_leonhart View Post
still won't boot RS unless Interpreter CPU Method is set in the debug menu :\
You're not using the correct RSP plugin. :/

There is no Debug menu for anything of the RSP unless it's a zilmar spec #1.2 RSP plugin, and this is a #1.1.

Make sure per-ROM plugins for Rogue Squadron was not left at "RSP" because that is not the name of my plugin.

Using the recompiler with my plugin is impossible because it is interpreter-only.

Originally Posted by suanyuan View Post
any instruction to compile your RSP project with VC and gcc? and how to configure to build a specific type of RSP?
The native C build is done with GCC/MinGW up-to-date packages all as of 04-10-2013 (latest RT, GCC core, binutils).

The C++ build was done by Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.
I have the project files somewhere, but I didn't upload them.
(I guess I will add the Visual Studio project files in the next package release, if I get enough bug reports/suggestions to upload a new version to the thread.)

They should be able to compile straight out of the box without any code changes, as long as your compiler supports ANSI C rules + `inline` keyword.

TITLE MinGW Compiler Suite Invocation

ECHO CC1.EXE:  Compiling C source code...
GCC.EXE -S -O3 -m3dnow -mabm -maes -msse2 -o ../rsp/rsp.s ../../rsp/rsp.c

ECHO AS.EXE:  Assembling compiled sources...
AS.EXE --statistics -o ../rsp/rsp.o ../rsp/rsp.s

ECHO LD.EXE:  Linking assembled object file...
GCC.EXE --shared -s -O -o ../rsp/rsp.dll ../rsp/rsp.o
So just copy all that stuff out of the .7z\SRC folder, and compile the main file `rsp.c`. It should get straight to work.
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