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Originally Posted by nintendo1889 View Post
I should note pressing F1 crashes the ROM and emulator.
Hmmm it does crash on F1, and Shift+F1.

However it seems to only be this game, maybe WDC/SR64.
Any other game I tried seems to reset fine with F1 without crashing.

It probably is because of how zilmar manages the threading during the intermission of re-starting an SP task.
I can't really control that from within the RSP, so that bug is not on my end.

Originally Posted by nintendo1889 View Post
Gauntlet Legends boots, but the audio crackles like hell. Suggestions?
You might need to play with the AI update/VI refresh values in PJ64 RDB.
I guess zilmar never had much of a chance to since it was hard just getting this game to boot in the first place, let alone run at full speed.

I just tested this game on PJ64 with Jabo's 1.7 audio, sync-game-to-audio LLE on my RSP, the sound is perfect.
It is bad only on this current 2.0 EXE we are using, so it's because of his timing bypasses. I can't control how the core is doing the audio.

But if you do downgrade to that older EXE the audio should sound just fine.

It's a shame but I really can't test audio HLE....
AziAudio.dll hasn't HLE'd the audio ucode for Gauntlet Legends,
and I can't seem to get the new 1964 Audio Plugin to work anywhere except on 1964 but then my RSP doesn't initialize on 1964. (But I did that on purpose; they really need to fix that DllConfig bug on their end.)
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