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Unhappy Mario Party 3 (GoodN64) Permanent loop issue

I had some built-in cheats on before I started to go on the Board Map and it just crashed when the characters hit the box, no more video only sound. But I decided to restart if that would help a bit, but it didn't do me ANY good. Is this supposed to happen on GoodN64 roms? This rom isn't hacked. It's the rom I downloaded from emuparadise. I had the cheat "Top Left Character/Always rolls in 10". Can you please help? This topic is SERIOUS! I left my settings alone before AND after doing this, but I started to fiddle around the rom settings to see if I could find a way to fix it, but so far, it has not been fixed. I've been screaming at my laptop FOR HOURS NOW! If you can find a way to fix this problem, I would be glad that I fixed it. 
Here's the line in the log if you need it:
2016/07/06 12:46:25.512 07980: Error : In a permanent loop that cannot be exited.
Emulation will now stop.

Verify ROM and ROM settings.

2016/07/06 13:18:28.813 05236: Error : Break point found at
.\N64 System\Mips\Memory Virtual Mem.cpp

I've searched all over Google to find a solution but none helped.

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