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I managed to come up with some kind of 60fps code but with issues in both emulation and possibly other problems I do and don't know about.
(one problem being performance intensity greatly increasing system requirements to sustain full speed)
The game is a mess on recompiler because of requiring protect memory to avoid crashes which prevents you from using codes and,as expected,the crashes can happen if game settings are edited to disable "protect memory" and enabling all other self mods excluding cache and TLB unmapping.

Jet Force Gemini (U)

False Sixty
80002237 0004
81045288 2404
8104528A 0001
Use 200% emulation speed and an overclock/VI Refresh Rate of 3000+,the first line is an audio adjustment which makes it play normal speed audio when using 200% emulation speed and the last 2 lines are a pacing mod which puts it on 60fps pace (half speed due to still technically being 30fps,hence needing 200% emu speed).
Game still technically runs 30fps but at half speed/no skipped frames.

Trivia; Jet Force Gemini was surprisingly built off of Diddy Kong Racing.
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