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Sorry I don't have anything extra good for the 500K topic views.

Diddy Kong Racing (U) (V1.0)

Quick Races?
8001A07B 0068
Ancient Lake for example.

Endless Races
8101A08C 1000

Instant Auto Win
8001A08F 0000

Racer's Don't Complain
8001A221 0000
None when changing placing positions.

Who's On First
8001A223 0004
Your racer complains a bit even when far ahead.

Broken Racers
8001A227 0004
Easy mode? They act weird when on screen.

Infinite Balloon Autowins
8001A3E3 005F
Always get a gold balloon added.
Possibly corruptive,be careful and back up your save file in case.

Finished Race Instantly Exits
8001A7F3 00C8

Safer Finish Exit?
8001A7FF 0000

Get Gold Balloon On Every Re-race
8001A80F 0004

Alt Always Get Gold Balloons
8001A82F 0000

Win A Race To Respawn Some Hub Balloons?
8001AE83 0018
Could corrupt save data.

Broken Racer AI
8001BA1F 0038

Missing Map
8001BA97 00F4

Dumb Racer AI Again
8001BAB3 00F4

Chill Mode
8101BB1C 2402
8101BB1E 0000
No music and can't start races,pause to exit.

Spinning Win
8101BD02 0001
Camera rotates around you.

Stuck Taj/T.T.
8001C03B 0060
Still moves when honked at/confronted.

Taj/T.T. Walk In Circles?
8001C7E3 0004

Taj and T.T. Leave
8001C846 0041

Taj and T.T. Have Jitters
8101C846 0000

Taj and T.T. Intensify
8001CA90 00E7
8001CAA4 0066
Probably will not work newer PJ64 while 1.7 works.

Taj and T.T. Moonwalk Away
8001CB53 0004

Taj and T.T. Walk Animation Speed
8101CB9A xxxx

Dark Object Shading
8001D4D8 00C4

Dim Object Shading
8001D4DC 00C4

Cool Lighting
8001D503 0046

Taj Split Apart
8001DC9F 00xx
04=Following Self

Taj Splits Again
8001DCA3 00xx

Weird Textures
8001DE33 0000

Crazy Vehicle Tilts
8101E2A4 240E
8101E2A6 00xx
Spins out of control,weirdly loads final WP on Wizpig as a cut-scene?
00=Crazy Tilted
34=Not Tilted car/Tilted Plane (odd AI racers and bosses bugged)
40=Correct Normal???

Alt Crazy Vehicle Tilts
8111ADA2 00xx
Spins out of control,weirdly loads final WP on Wizpig as a cut-scene?
00=Crazy Tilted
34=Not Tilted car/Tilted Plane (odd AI racers and bosses bugged)
40=Correct Normal???

Glitchy Physics
8001E2D7 0004
At least as a car,crash-prone.

Bugged Win Scene?
8001E4CB 0060
Soft-locks but its funny.

Alt Bugged Win
8001E4CF 0004
Wizpig is funny too.

No Dino In Ancient Lake?
8001E587 0040

Less Cut-scenes And Missing Stuff
8101E584 2406
8101E586 0000

Disabled Hazards
8001E59F 0000
No Dinosaurs or other hazards.

Different Buggy Win
8101E5EC 1000

Tricky Pillars Never Fall
8001E8AF 0000

Frozen Dinosaurs and Still Cut-scene Cameras
8001EA17 0060
Can race on pre-done tracks but not do boss races.

Another Frozen Dinos and Cameras
8101EAD4 1000

Dinosaurs Random Movement?
8001EC8B 0004

Flipped Races?
8001ECC3 0004
8001ECCF 0004
Upside-down inside-out? Excludes bosses?

Larger Dinosaurs
8001F000 00E7

Dino Through Walls?
8001F054 00E6

Magic Bosses
8001F0ED 0000
Weird stuff happens.

Magical Boss Races
8001F0EF 002E
Starts loud with Tricky and cool stuff happens.
Better than the other code above.

Wrong Route Oddness
8001F21B 0020

Missing Hazards
8001F29F 0000
Even skips the race start camera too.

Fast Dinosaurs
8001F4B7 00A0

Max Speed Hazards and Scene Cameras
8101F4B4 3C0F
8101F4B6 7FFF
8101F4BA xxxx
0001=Half Speed (boulder is more dangerous?)
0002=Normal Speed
0008=Default (x value is speed capper)
0032=Extra Fast
0064=Ultra Fast (gives you a head start on Wizpig)
007F=Extremely Fast
00C8=Pillar Limit
0100=Threshold Fast
0120=Brokenly Fast
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