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Auto-fix of the two CRC strings is sort of a matter of perspective. Project64 is more sensitive to bad or hacked ROM images than a lot of the other emulators not necessarily as a weakness or fault to properly loading games but as a promotion to signaling where a ROM dump is bad against the beginning end user's knowledge.

Like I said, the emulator is for entertaining a large audience or the power of "majority", which is why there will probably never be an auto-fix thing like that.

Originally Posted by nintendo1889 View Post
Mupen64 - good emulator, bad GUI - Use FRAPs for video recording
Mupen64 doesn't have a rasterization recorder, just stores vector data.

Whether you use FRAPS to record straight from the direct emulator as you're controlling it or a vector recording done by Mupen64 is irrelevant to the quality result, just that some people want to pre-record it with MUPEN before they waste time converting an imperfectly recorded video to something you can view online.
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