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Same general thing in all games with different versions,but not as big.
Mostly address location differences from other languages and minor alterations.

Super Smash Bros. is an example of massive differences since the Japanese original "All Stars Dairantou" has different hit sounds (action punches) and obviously Japanese text.

I ported the code to (A) now.

Edit: Oh yeah!,another difference is between NTSC and PAL from the 60VI (NTSC) and 50VI (PAL) framerates which in some cases mean they alter music tempo and/or other details to improve the gaming experience.

8009C173 0002


Another thought,there is two models for Banjo related to camera distance.
Zoomed out is low res and close views use the high resolution model.
Think of it like SM64 King Bob-omb camera,Conker's multiple models,and a few other games that switch models to lower the strain on the N64's processing.

Fact: Banjo's dynamic shadow is an even more minimal model of Banjo,and Breegull Bash's shadow is actually the same high res model as Kazooie herself while Kazooie alone's shadow is the minimal model.
Ported T-stance code above this wall. *snicker*

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