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Default Banjo Tooie (E) - PJ64 crash

When I try to go to level Terridaktylusland via the small tunnel above the AREA51 with burger and fries (to solve the quest in Terridaktylusland with the hungry cave peoples) I get a crash. Project 64 version
Savegame on the GitHub (issue page: issues/1424).

Even if I leave the level normally and go into Terridaktylusland and enter the cave I get a crash. In the past I use cheats...

Uncontrollable R4300i OpCode in: 8001540C
daddi v0, t8, 0x1b00

Stopping emulation !

With Debug on:
Break point found at .\N64System\Interpreter\InterpreterOps.cpp 2821

(Even posted on GitHub)
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