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Default not just playstation controllers

I'm having the same problem, but I'm using 2 3rd party n64 controllers and 2 nintendo 64 controllers. All four have original n64 plugs, and are plugged up with usb adapters. Project64 recognizes all four upon modifying the controller plug in. After setting up controllers, load up Smash Bros. The character select screen is easy to access and a good comparison of how the controllers inputs compare, and sure enough the sticks have different sensitivities. The nintendo controllers were sluggish compared to the 3rd party ones. So I made the adjustments, and saved custom profiles for both types of controllers. Then upon loading starfox64 that's when everything got messed up and won't go back. Now my P2 adapter controls all four players. Every combination of activated controllers in Project64 settings, P2 adapter now controls them.
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