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Originally Posted by Squall_Leonhart View Post
what is the error message?
Error message? Nothing happens. I have to shut it down with alt+TAB and ctrl+alt+delete. It happens like this: I approach a keese, z-target or not it doesn't seem to matter (it also doesn't matter what mask I wear, what's on the c buttons, etc.) I hear the enemy music start up and as soon as the keese turns aggressive, the screen freezes up. No message, no graphical errors, it's as if the keese has it's own f2 button. I've tried waiting to see if it's a hang or a snag, but it doesn't seem to be. None of the gui functions function, esc/f7/etc.

Oh, and I did go further today, where you tell the stallchildren to open the grave and hop down, the massive amounts of keese in this area, they do also freeze the game. For some reason, though, [strike]the keese in the swamp have no effect. It seems to be exclusively Ikana Graveyard keese.[/strike]

Never mind, I see now all keese activate this glitch. Please, help!

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