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Starting up Majora's Mask codes,hope I find some as crazy as the OOT codes or crazier.

Majora's Mask (U)

Broken Ocarina
800851FB 0019
Wrong pitch and prevents songs from working.

Out Of Tune Ocarina
800852Bf 0000
Songs still work.

Headache Camera
80086834 0066
May not work well on newer PJ64 version/s due to spammed errors.

GTA1 Style Glitch Camera
8008683C 0066
Can go the opposite position.

Unsteady Camera
8008684C 00E4

Restless Legs
80086858 0066

Topsy Turvy Camera
8008688C 0066
Movement direction can be swapped.

Glitchy Side-scroller Camera
800868A4 0066

Displaced Camera
800868BC 0066

Weird Legs
8008690E 003D

Spazzy Legs
80086918 0065

Twirling Legs
80086938 00E4

Link Is DONE
8008701C 00E4
Eye expression of him not caring or closed eyes.

Broken Item Spawns
800871FB 000C
Nothing comes out or gets used besides Deku Sticks.

Empty Areas
8008746D 0000
Milk Road still has stuff.

Broken Views
80088527 00xx
01=Flat Broken
02=Chunks Broken

Deformed Characters
8008852E 0001
Camera is also screwed up.

Zeddan Majja
80088533 0080
Geddan but Majora's Mask.

Randomly Vanishing Polygons
8008855B 00E4

Discumbobulated Stuff
8008855E 0004

Thin Limbs
8008856F 0040

Fog Strength Mod
8108AACE xxxx
3E00=Really Foggy

Broken Drawing Priority
8008AAE4 0066
Likely to not work on newer PJ64 versions.

Invisible Weird Depth
8008AAF4 00C4

Squishy Views
8008AAF8 00C4

Skybox Shrouds View
8008AC90 00E7

Very Weird Camera
8008B708 00E7

Cull Camera
8008B710 00E7

Oddball Camera
8008B718 00E7

Tilting Camera
8008B78C 00E7

Dutch Angles
8008B7CC 00C7

Warping Camera
8008B7D4 0066

Squished Width
8008B7F8 0066

Inside Out Rendering
8008B850 0066
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