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Lightbulb Solution cn64system::runrsp unknown memory action

Here I have the solution to this annoying error, just need to install the latest version of the project64 software and replace the GFX-Audio-RSP folder that is inside the plugin folder (find the root of the installation).

Due to the many questions and requests from users for the theme that some games are frozen and closed or the audio is interrupted, I have decided to create a new standard configuration with the stable version of the project64 software for all users. tested and working.

You can download it using the following link:!CI8TnaoQ!7cT3Oydi1_9eLSkGPs3OoseHXLWL-7hDD-2rrPiqdsc

The configurations are established, they only need to copy and paste the contents of the folders in each of their corresponding folders

Here instructional video

see you later and I hope I have helped

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