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Default Can't map the C-buttons to anything

I searched all around the forum and on the internet to see if someone had already answered this, but I didn't find one so I'm asking for help.

I can't get Project64 to accept any mapping of the c-buttons to my Microsoft X-Box 360 style controller. Every time I try to map the C-buttons then save and exit the automatically un-map to "none". I've tried rebooting and looked for solutions but all I find are people saying the controller doesn't connect at all or trouble with analog sticks.

I can map the C-Buttons to the analog sticks, which would be fine for an FPS, but I'm trying to play Star Fox 64 and map the buttons to a more familiar flight layout: Right Trigger accelerate, left trigger break, B answer communication, Back switch view

Can anyone please offer a solution, or is there something wrong with my controller.

I'm using the latest P64 version, 2.3.2, and Windows 10 if that helps.
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